With more than 45 years of experience, Belgium-based company MFS ESA bv has been a key player in the international road construction industry for slipform paving projects. Because of this, our machines have been used on wide range of projects on various locations.

Having slipform pavers as a core business also provides us with the know-how to craft custom hydraulic and stepless concrete molds with variable widths. MFS ESA bv also provides customers with a wide range of concrete forms and other auxiliary equipment, custom built. We provide tailored advice and can rely on a large inventory of spare parts on hand.

Company history


  • François Casters establishes Drion Road Building, its core business being the construction of cement concrete roads
  • purchasing an American CMI 100 slipform paver gets the ball rolling - the machine requires quite some adjustments in order to function as desired for road construction works in Belgium


  • Drion Road Building designs its first 6 meter slipform paver equipped with an automatic control that found its origin in the aircraft industry


  • the first variable width slipform paver is a fact: In order to serve its own needs, Drion Road Construction builds its first machine on a variable with base


  • the DRION 2500 becomes the first completely variable slipform paver
  • by the end of the year, Drion Road Construction puts its fourth paver to use. All machines total a yearly capacity of 300.000 m2
  • François Casters quickly discovers market potential for variable width slipform pavers


  • Drion Construction is established, its core business being the production of slipform pavers
  • patents are acquired for the DRION 2500 along with the implementation of new features and improvements such as e.g. the Super Smoother, spreader plow and tandem mold


  • Drion Construction sells its first paver
  • the company finds customers for four units of its latest machine, the DRION 3750 - a slipform paver with a total width of 7.5 metres


  • the precursor of today's HVW 2204 (hydraulic variable width) is designed, being the first 5 meter wide concrete paver


  • looking to entirely shift focus to machine development, François Casters finds an acquirer for Drion Road Construction


  • due to an acquisition by CMI Roadbuilding, Drion Construction is able to make its way onto the American market
  • François Casters functions as the freelance technical director for Terex Construction where he develops the HVW 2204, 2284 and 2324 concrete pavers
  • the aforementioned machines find their way to markets in European countries (Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, Russia) as well as America and Africa


  • Terex signs a definitive merger agreement to acquire CMI
  • Drion-CMI produces and sells slipform pavers under the Terex Roadbuilding Belgium label


  • in order to meet demands of a more compact but multifunctional paver, François Casters develops a final product for Terex, the SF 2003B
  • the SF 2003B is a three-track paver with a working width ranging from 15 to 200 centimetres, is incredibly stable due to its weighted core, and has the ability to work either side of the machine. Made in Belgium!

2008 to October 2019

October 2019 to current

  • CCF acquired by Miller formless